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If you need to store your files and information hidden on your computer, then creating a hidden disk can be a solution. You can create a hidden disk through Secret Disk.

It does not require formatting of the entire hard disk. Instead, it can create a separate disk for its usage quite easily. It is your choice if you need to hide the disk along with all its contents. You can keep them visible as well. Additionally, Secret Disk has excellent compatibility with the other programs of your computer. It can function as your regular drive guardian.

One of the essential features of the Secret Disk is that it can create more than one secret chamber so that you can keep a different kind of information on different drives quite easily.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your contents and security of the hard drive in case of unexpected power failures or battery issues. After each time your computer shutdowns, the drive automatically gets hidden, and you don’t have to face any risk.

An important thing to note here is that through Secret Disk you can’t expect the encryption of data. It only restricts the access by making the drive invisible and making its folders password protected.

Secret Disk is a solution to keep your files hidden and stored in the safe location of your computer without requiring any hardware or software changes.

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