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Encrypt your files with AxCrypt, a file encryption application that will offer 128-bit keys for encrypting your files and a relatively simple Windows Explorer menu.

Encrypting your files and folders should be one of your primary concerns if you have some of the most important data and information stored in those files or folders.

Strong encryption will help you protect those files and folders and ensure nobody else can access them, preventing hackers and various people from accessing them.

You can encrypt your files and folders using AxCrypt, which uses the AES algorithm to provide your files with 128-bit encryption. It has an Explorer-based menu where you can make changes quickly and easily.

There’s also the decryption function if you want to use it to remove the encryption.

Encrypt and Decrypt Files

The main function of AxCrypt is to provide your files and folders with a powerful level of encryption. You can access the Windows Explorer function by simply right-clicking on the file or folder you want to encrypt.

It will enable you to access the encryption function without opening the main window of this application.

Using this application, you can also decrypt the files you have encrypted with just a couple of clicks. Again, it’s very simple to do that because you’ll only have to do a few clicks to start with the decryption, which shouldn’t take very long.

AXX Format

When the files are encrypted, they will change the format. You’ll also see that encrypted files will take on the AxCrypt icon. Other users won’t even be able to see the thumbnails of your encrypted files.

Depending on the file size you want to encrypt, you’ll see that it might take a bit longer to encrypt the file than normal, but the performance is still relatively fast.


AxCrpyt is a useful application for encrypting and decrypting files, as it will provide you with strong protection.

AxCrypt features and benefits:
  • Double-click to edit/view with any application, with automatic re-encryption when done
  • Extensive optional command-line interface for scripting and programming
  • 6 languages in one executable distribution
  • No options or user interface - easy to install and use
  • Absolutely no configuration needed - just use it
  • Secure memory handling - no keys or data in the paging file
  • Private branding support for commercial or corporate versions
  • Integrated shredder
  • Use a regular passphrase and/or a strong key-file
  • Self-decrypting files supported

Technical details

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15.61 MB
Supported OS
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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3 years ago

Great encryption! I am very happy with this software. It is precisely what I want it to be: safe encryption that is easy to handle.