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TrueCrypt remains the choice when PC users create encrypted virtual disks or encrypt a single partition or any storage device, including USB flash drives. It is one of the smallest apps available for protecting your documents, which also comes for free and remains like that.

One advantage can be considered the possibility of encrypting Windows partitions. Thus, pre-boot authentication is included.

By using advanced pipelining technology and hardware acceleration techniques, you will feel no difference between how data got stored before and after encryption.

TrueCrypt features and benefits:
  • Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk
  • Encryption is automatic, real-time (on-the-fly) and transparent
  • Parallelization and pipelining allow data to be read and written as fast as if the drive was not encrypted
  • Encryption can be hardware-accelerated on modern processors
  • Encrypts an entire partition or storage device such as USB flash drive or hard drive
  • Encrypts a partition or drive where Windows is installed (pre-boot authentication)

Technical details

Latest version:
File name:
TrueCrypt Setup 7.1a.exe
MD5 checksum:
File size:
3.31 MB
Supported OS
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod
5 years ago

If this is the 7.2 version that came out on May 28th of 2014 then this is a decrypt only version.

5 years ago

Just to correct the previous post. Truecrypt 7.1a was the last official release before Micrsoft shut it down and released their own version: 7.1B (Based on other people’s work of course). This version 7.1B is the one that does not allow the system partition to be encrypted.

Corporate piggery at it’s best, though I am glad people still choose to host the latest functional version!