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April 20th, 2022 - Shareware - 100% Safe
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Encrypt Care is an application specially designed for users who need to keep their files and data secured in the best possible way. It provides you the facility to encrypt the data so that there are no chances that any unauthorized individual can access your important files.

Similarly, decryption of files is also possible through this application. More or less, the same procedure needs to be followed.

It is based on the graphical user interface to make the entire process of encryption and decryption easy. The drag and drop feature for encrypting the file is available to make the overall process of encryption easier.

You need to select the files, the password that you need to keep and provide the destination folder and encrypt the data file.

An essential feature of this application is that it supports both the file and text. So, you do not need to worry about the limited encryption facility.

Furthermore, the generation of hash values from both the supported file formats is also part of the features that the application provides to the users. Encrypt Care requires you to provide information about the checksum that you need to check.

You can copy-paste the results using simple commands. Additionally, the comparison of results with third party values is also possible through this application. Such a comparison can provide you with the information if your files are tampered with in any way.

One of the problems you can face as the user of this application is that you cannot choose a master password that would be automatically used for all the files you’ll like to encrypt. Instead, you’ll have to select the individual password every time, which might require some of your effort and extra time.

Encrypt Care provide you a way to protect your data. You can encrypt and decrypt the data through the easy to use graphical interface that the application provides.

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