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UEFITool allows you to edit your UEFI thanks to this user-friendly interface where you’ll be able to access all of the tools inside UEFI even if you’re a beginner.

With UEFITool, editing and viewing your UEFI and BIOS configurations are easy. You can import the data via image files, and you can view these configurations and edit them if you want.

Even though UEFI editing is perceived to be a job for professionals, you’ll be able to edit them with this user-friendly application that will provide you with a nice interface.

User-Friendly UEFI Tool

This tool is made in a user-friendly manner as it has an intuitive interface that will allow you to easily access your UEFI configurations. However, it’s also important to note that you’ll need to have some knowledge about the configurations inside UEFI, even if the tool is simple and easy to use.

But if you already have that, then using UEFITool will be a breeze.

It has a simple design that looks somewhat simplistic. But it’s the experience that matters, and that is on a relatively high level. Even though it’s not very visually appealing, you’ll be able to use it easily and with ease.

Compatible with Many BIOS Image Types

What is more, this application offers you many nice functionalities and compatibility. It is compatible with many BIOS image types, such as ROM, BIN, CAP, BIO, FD, WPH, and EFI.

These are some of the most common and standard BIOS image types. You’ll be able to open them and view them inside a structured interface where you’ll see their name and additional information about them.

In terms of the features, you’ll have access to some nice UEFI tools. You can extract the data from an image and insert items into the image itself. You may also remove the pieces you find unwanted. And when you’re done editing, you can easily export the image.


To conclude, UEFITool is a user-friendly tool for accessing your UEFI configurations and settings and making changes to them. It’s easy to use with a simple interface, although it still requires you to have some UEFI knowledge, too.

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