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Finding the files you want to view on an unorganized and overcrowded computer is not always easy. They might be hidden deep underneath all the rubbish you collected on your disk or desktop.

That’s why users often use the Windows Run function because it allows them to locate the files they want to see easily.

However, running the Windows Run function is not always the most straightforward option. With the Executor tool, you can launch the Windows Run function.

The main difference here is that Executor comes with many customization options that will make your life much easier.

Find Programs Quickly and Run Them

The first thing you’ll need to do when you download this app is that you’ll have to customize the look and the appearance of the interface. You can also choose the mode of operation you want. The app will then sit quietly in the tray area without using too much of your computer’s resources. You can open it when needed and find the programs or files you’re looking for.

The app will suggest files using keywords or strings of words and will also show you your most commonly used files, which can make your life much easier. Searching is done by typing the phrase into the search engine.

It will start to display the files as you type, which helps you find the programs you’re looking for quickly.

Lightweight Operation

It is a lightweight application that won’t strain your computer much. It has impressive performance results and doesn’t consume much of your CPU’s power. At the same time, it won’t consume your computer’s memory.

You can also change the app’s settings anytime to configure how you want it to work.


Executor helps you find programs and files easily by acting as an executable version of Windows Run, enabling you to easily run the tasks you would normally do with it.

Technical details

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1.0.11 Build 0
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2.23 MB
Supported OS
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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