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SliderDock is a fantastic application launcher which helps the user to customize the interface’s icons using drag and drop system. The simplicity of using the interface thanks to SliderDock is a great feature, for example, if you need to attract the icons to you, rotate the mouse wheel. If you are a MacOS fan and you need to have a similar interface on your Windows operating system, this launcher is perfect for you. The scrolling mechanism which brings you’re this fantastic experience is very well optimized, SliderDock doesn’t stop working.

The application manages new shortcuts for each program within the bubble, while the original icons stay in the same place. With a double-click, an icon in SliderDock, and the preferred application opens and functions just as it usually does.

Another essential feature of SliderDock is the possibility to assign hotkeys, and this can save more time when you are working so much. Let’s think you are in Photoshop, and you need to open Adobe Premiere Pro. With a customized hotkey, you can quickly to terminate the process with Photoshop and access immediately the other application.

Thanks to SliderDock your computer’s performances could be improved, your working process can be, and you can save a lot of time.

The application includes few great features like the possibility to add the icons using drag and drop, multiple rings which help you to group the icons, amazing animation during the rotation of the icons on the desktop, shader effects and more.

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