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SliderDock is a fantastic application launcher that helps users customize the interface’s icons using a drag-and-drop system.

When you have many different apps on your system and need to access them quickly, you might want to use shortcuts on your computer. It enables you to open them quite quickly.

This application puts your favorite apps on one slider wheel so that you can access them through rings created.

You can configure which apps get inserted inside these rings, making it easy to improve your workflow and waste less time searching for apps.

Huge Time Saver

Once you start using SliderDock on your system, you’ll see how much time it can save.

It might not seem like that at first, but after you start putting the apps inside these rings and you can access them with just one click without searching, you’ll see how much of a difference this tool can make to your workflow.

Configure Which Apps Will be Added

Of course, you’ll have full freedom to select which apps are to be added to the interface of this tool. You can create multiple rings for various apps that you can easily access. Then, if you want to launch a certain app, you’ll only need to press a selected mouse button, for instance.

There are also multiple options that you can use to configure your rings, which makes it entirely possible for you to select which rings are added to your hotkeys, assign specific hotkeys for rings chosen, and much more.


All that makes SliderDock a user-friendly and highly efficient app to use. It will help you save a lot of time for launching apps while you’ll be able to focus on other tasks instead.

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