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To save your computer or energy battery, you can put your computer to sleep using this application. Through it, you can have control over your device activity and inactivity. WinSleep allows you to specify the intervals when you want your computer to sleep.

You can even have a graph with the complete timeline to get the performance of your computer monitored. When it was awake, asleep, and hibernating can all be gained from this graph, and you can make better decisions regarding specifying the intervals for getting your computer asleep.

You can even specify some specific buttons for creating ease in the process of hibernating, sleeping, and waking up when you have not specified any particular time interval for all these processes.

You can even schedule an optional task with WinSleep just when your computer wakes up from the sleep so that you can use the battery of your computer to its maximum. Monetarily, you can save 2.5 cents/hour of your computer sleep. If you get it asleep for at least half of the daytime, your annual saving can reach up to $109.50 each year.

All these activities can improve the lifespan and efficiency of your computer too. That is because your hard drive, motherboard, and other such utilities are not working when your computer is asleep. You can even install WinSleep on your computer to monitor the performance of your desktop computer.

Overall, WinSleep provides a routine to your computer and optimizes its usage leading to performance increases and cost savings.

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