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If you’re searching for files and apps on your computer and spend too much time on that task, then you can try Launchy, which will provide suggestions to help you access files faster.

Have you ever been stuck on your computer, trying to find the files or apps you want to launch but don’t know where they are?

Or maybe you’ve forgotten the name of the files, and you’re not sure where you should start looking. If that’s the case, then perhaps you need a helping hand.

It is a simple app that provides suggestions to help you find the files or apps you’re looking for. It’s a small and simple app with a slightly dated interface, but it can still help you with your searches.

It will provide you with constant suggestions as you do your search.

Provides Suggestions for Your Search

It is a simple app at its core. It will integrate with your Windows system and provide you with a way of finding files and apps.

For example, based on that, you can only type a few letters and some search filters. It will start searching your computer to find files and apps right there.

You can choose to display the results in different ways. For instance, you can display the file’s name, location, or both.

You can also view other details that can give you a clearer idea of what file you’re searching for.

Customize the Appearance

What is more, Launchy provides you with customization options for your searches. For instance, you’ll be able to customize how the app appears as you search and have the freedom to customize where and how it will look.


Launchy can be handy in your search for files and apps. Although it is a slightly outdated app, you can change its appearance and how it works in just a few simple steps.

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