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BlackTop is a simple and lightweight tool that will enable you to turn off the monitor using just one hotkey of your choice.

When you need to turn off your monitor regularly, you know the struggle – sometimes, you might need to reach your monitor. Or, for instance, if you work remotely or control the computer remotely – you’ll need a way to turn off the monitor with a hotkey, too.

You can now automate the process using dedicated apps.

BlackTop allows you to close your monitor using a preset hotkey – in this case. It will be Ctrl+Alt+B. When you press this combination of keys, your monitor will turn black without you needing to press the shut down key on your monitor.

It works with any monitor, as long as you have the hotkey and the app installed.

Simple and Lightweight

The premise of this app is simple – it provides you with a way of turning off your monitor without having to reach your monitor and press the button there.

Instead, you’ll only need to press the selected hotkey you’ve designated for the app, and you’ll be done with the process. It’s a fairly simple app at its core.

And it doesn’t use many resources, as well. When you’re not using it, it will be hidden into the system tray and will only open up if you need to change something inside the interface.

It won’t disturb you in the meantime if there is something, as it has no notifications or popups.

Cannot Reassign the Key

For turning off the screen, you’ll have to use the Ctrl+Alt+B hotkey – sadly, you can’t rearrange the keys and choose the combination of keys that suit you best.

But that is only a minor problem in an otherwise great and simple application that serves a very useful purpose for many users.


BlackTop doesn’t use many resources from our tests, and it works great most of the time. You’ll be able to turn off your monitor by only pressing a combination of keys of your choice.

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