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BlackTop allows you to turn your monitor off when it is not being used by establishing a simple hotkey for this purpose. It can be installed in a fairly quick manner.

You need to click the Next button” for completing the installation purpose. There are no additional popups associated with the application, so that the configuration process won’t become hectic for you. Moreover, even the use of this application is not technical. And this is why no helping material has been included as part of this application.

The hotkey for switching off the monitor is predefined. You need to press ‘Ctrl+Alt+B.’ for performing the functionality. But if this hotkey doesn’t suit you, then there is no way to reassign the hotkey. You’ll have to bear with it.

You can decide when you want BlackTop to run. You can right-click on the menu and find the three options. You can choose one of them and set the time for initiation. It rests in the tray all the time, but it won’t require much of the resources of your computer as the primary purpose of this tool is to cut down on the resources being used by your computer by turning them off temporarily.

BlackTop is an efficient application when you are taking a break and want to save the resources of your computer in the most natural manner.

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