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January 5th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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To get access to your favorite websites, the most used folders and the essential files from a single interface, you must use Biniware Run. It can be customized when it comes to features and settings so that you can enhance the level of utility from this application. You don’t have to spend much energy to update this application with your favorite website link or new vital files. You can drag and drop everything to get things done.

You can create different categories in this application to sort the data quickly. Similarly, moving the files, importing or exporting them becomes particularly comfortable with this application. You can also have access to the search feature through this application, which lets you manage your files quite easily.

You can have access to all shortcuts on your device as well by merely pressing a simple shortcut. The configuration of all the files is stored in XML format so that you can make changes in it easily according to your needs. With its portable nature, you can get it anywhere and use it with the most convenience.

You can make your account on this application to get customized features. That makes it easy to use by multiple users without having any issues in it.

Biniware Run can make your life easy by providing you with access to your favorite websites, folders, and files from a single interface.

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