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SteamShutdown can help you deal with getting your computer to shut down or go to sleep. It is a tray utility. It means you can see it easily at the bottom of your screen. It is also relatively lightweight.

Sometimes, your internet connection is not the best. When this happens, you can shut your computer down so your game will download faster.

It is easy to get started. You unpack the archive. Once you do this, make sure that you have Steam running. Then, the file is going to want to install automatically.

It only takes a few seconds. It’s not complicated, which we always like to see when testing new software to put on our PC.

Classic GUI

The interface is basic and classic. It focuses on doing one job and doing it very well.


You can tell it to do various things. First, you can have your PC turned off. Otherwise, you might want it to go to sleep or hibernation mode after it is done.

It is useful if you start downloading a steam game at night and don’t want to worry about your PC staying on all night. Instead, you can sleep peacefully, and your game will be downloaded when you wake up.

If you have multiple downloads, you can tell the system which should trigger the computer to go off. You can even ask it to wait until all of them have been installed.


Getting steam games to download is not always fun. You might be dealing with an internet connection that makes you wait hours. Instead of manually turning it off, SteamShutdown is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that makes life easier.

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