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May 13th, 2021 - Demo - 100% Safe
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Want to learn about the gaming potential of your computer? Then you can use Valley Benchmark, which will simulate an intense environment to test your computer, which will give you a good idea of your computer’s gaming chops.

It is one of the most popular pieces of software for gaming PC owners. It is a benchmark that will help you test your system, as it will put your computer through a graphically intense environment to see how well your graphics card copes.

It can be used to determine the gaming potential of your new or existing computer.

Test Your Computer

Before you run Valley Benchmark, you’ll need to know that it might not be the best running application if you have an older gaming system. This application is mainly for testing your graphics card, so if you have a computer with an integrated graphics card, don’t expect to have the best result in the world.

The test will put the computer through an intense environment with dense vegetation and vivid graphics, which can put a lot of stress on your computer’s hardware, and that’s normal.

The test’s purpose is to mimic graphically intense games where you would need good hardware to run your games.

Get Scores

After the test is done, you will see the briefing displayed on your screen. You will be able to see the FPS (frames per second) during the test and other results that will help you determine the quality of your computer’s gaming capabilities. You can save the score and analyze the performance in a separate file if you wish so.

When you first want to start the test, you will have to press the “Benchmark” button. Before that, you can tweak a few things about the test, and you can use different cameras and angles during the test, too.


Valley Benchmark is a highly popular application that gamers use to test their computers, and you can use it to see how well your computer would do in graphically intense games.

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