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Check your computer’s and your graphic card’s power with 3DMark, which is the industry-standard benchmarking tool for making sure you can run the latest games and recognize the power of your computer.

Video games are starting to push the limits of technology and hardware. With the new generation of games coming out, the graphical demands are getting more and more powerful.

It means that older computers are getting obsolete and will not be able to hold up with the latest games’ demands.

To test your computer whether it will run the latest games, you can use a benchmarking tool like 3DMark. It will test your computer and put it through rigorous tests to test your graphics card and your entire computer.

Visually Pleasing Interface and Tests

3DMark is known for its nice graphical interface and some neat benchmarks that make it easy for you to estimate your computer’s power.

The interface has some nice graphical elements, as it’s one of the more visually-pleasing benchmarking applications out there. You have a neatly organized menu with tabs that make it easy for you to make what you want.

Compare and Test Your Computer

The main feature is the benchmarking tool, one of the most sophisticated tools you can find out there. It will put your computer through demanding tests that will have developed and modern graphical elements.

It is a complete visual experience that’s very nice to look at, although many users will be more intrigued by the results.

At all times, you’ll have an FPS counter at the top of the screen, allowing you to see how your PC is doing. You can also customize the tests and test different aspects of the performance. You’ll have complete control over this.

After the tests are done, you can share them online and compare them with other people’s builds and your friends’ builds, too.


3DMark is one of the best benchmarking tools for testing your computer and recognizing whether it can run the latest video games.

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