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November 21st, 2022 - Free - 100% Safe
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Is your PC equipped with an MSI motherboard? Then MSI Command Center will help you configure your hardware and make sure you make the adjustments you need to make to make your experience the best possible.

It comes with some basic features and some nice and advanced ones. It lets you make basic adjustments to your CPU, motherboard, and other hardware components.

It has more configurations than you’ll find in the BIOS options, so you’ll have many extra features from this application and a bit more advanced configuration.

Basic and Advanced Features

In the MSI Command Center, you’ll find various tools for configuring your computer. One of the first ones is the CPU frequency setting, which helps you change the CPU ratio and base clock speeds. You can also set up the frequency of each CPU core.

In terms of CPU setup, this tool will also have some other nice features. You can configure the CPU fan settings, which is quite important. This tool allows you to switch your CPU fan mode from smart to manual mode.

You can configure the fan speeds to maximize the performance of your CPU if you need to. You can also change the CPU voltage with this app.

Among other features you’ll find are the DRAM frequency and voltage settings. You can also change the IGP frequency as well as the GT voltage. You’ll be able to see the risky values in this regard, as the app will warn you on its own.

With the GAME BOOST option, you’ll be able to overclock your computer to get a better gaming performance.


MSI Command Center allows you to make crucial computer changes, which can help you improve your PC’s performance.

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