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February 17th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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If you need to find out the problems your computer might have or want to optimize its performance, you’ll need to have a complete analysis of the different metrics for measuring performance. To accomplish this purpose, PC Benchmark has been designed.

Even without buying new hardware for your computer, you can always try to make it run better by optimizing it. However, that will take some time, and it might not be easy without the right tools. You’d need a good tool to help you analyze the system you have and provide you with suggestions for optimization.

PC Benchmark can become that application for you. It is a useful app that is also very lightweight and can be installed quickly, and it will provide you with ways to improve your CPU and computer instantly.

Anyone can use it because there’s no extensive configuration to go through before using the app.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

It’s worth mentioning that before you start using the application, you’ll have to have a web browser ready because the application works as a web browser window.

You’ll have to enter your email address and register to the site, which should not be too hard.

From there, using this application is simple and can be done by anyone.

Optimize Your Computer

In short, PC Benchmark will help you improve your computer’s performance without much knowledge. It will scan and analyze your computer and its hardware to see how it’s performing.

Then, based on the tests, it will optimize your computer and provide you with tips to get more out of it.

It can be great if you have a slightly older computer and are looking to boost performance without breaking the budget. Some fixes provided by the app will be simple such as stopping certain processes, while other fixes will be more extensive and can also be done automatically.


PC Benchmark tests your computer and optimizes it by providing suggestions and fixes that can help you get more out of the gear you have right now.

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