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February 5th, 2021 - Free - 100% Safe
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There are always some applications that are best described as ingenious in their approach to a problem. Dead Pixel Buddy aims at pointing out the simple fault in the plasma and LCD screens that a particular pixel is faulty. It is the simplicity of approach to finding the malfunctioning pixel that is to be noted here.

Buying a new LCD monitor can be exciting, but you might sometimes want to check it out first before installing it properly. Dead pixels are quite common with new products, and just one dead pixel can ruin the entire experience with your monitor.

You can do that by putting your monitor to the test with an app like Dead Pixel Buddy. This application will put your monitor through benchmarks and tests that will determine whether there are any dead pixels or not.

It’s a lightweight tool that can be deployed instantly and will provide you with reports about your monitor.

Lightweight and Simple to Use

Dead Pixel Buddy can be deployed almost instantly. You can launch it from your USB drive, or you can choose to start it from your computer’s drive. It will enable you to start performing these tests almost immediately.

You’ll find that it has a nice, intuitive graphical interface that will enable you to find what you’re looking for easily.

Use Custom Colors and Fix Pixels

One of the main ways that you can use this app is to start using custom colors. You can select the color you want, and the app will fill your screen with that color.

Based on that, you’ll be able to see if there is even the smallest of pixels broken, which is nice. You’ll be able to identify them quickly.

Luckily, dead pixels can be fixed, but you need to recognize them first. You can have it repaired or buy a new monitor if you find any dead pixels on yours, which is not the most pleasant thing in the world – or get used to it.


Dead Pixel Buddy helps you find dead pixels and recognize them quickly with simple use and interface.

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