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If you want to test your computer’s stability, OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) is a good choice. You can efficiently use it to thoroughly check your computer stability by taking advantage of 4 different tests.

Each test can quickly test different things such as CPU or even GPU. It can run for a limited amount of time, or it can also include an idle period in the beginning and at the end of a test.

After this test, you will know if the temperature of your PC will rise. You will compare what happens with the temperature when your computer is in the idle state, compared to what happens with it when it is in the fully loaded state.

The monitoring engine is another feature of this tool, and it will give you some complete readings of the computers’ internal temperatures. It will also offer you some insight regarding the fan speed or voltages in some graphs, which will be easy to be red. The test will be done in real-time, and you will learn what your computer does in different situations.

It would be best if you didn’t worry about the performance graphs and the real-time once. If you hide the graphics panel, the refreshing option will be stopped too.
Another great thing for OCCT is that it will prevent your computer from damage or overheating.

If these things happen, OCCT will start sending you notifications, and thanks to this tool, it will be possible to customize every sensor of your PC.

Once you go above or even below your customization, this tool will offer you a notification so you will be informed.

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