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February 12th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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Today we have a lot of games with amazing graphics, but not always our computer can run these games, or we are not sure about this. What can we do before buying a game? We need to make sure that a game will run on our computer and the solution is a benchmark test with a specified tool. MSI Kombustor is a great application which can stress your graphics card, and you can see the results, and you will decide if the games will run to your system.

This software is created by MSI, the producer of MSI AfterBurner, another vital stress tool which can be used for testing your computer performances. MSI Kombustor is an update for MSI AfterBurner, a tool which concentrates more on your graphics card.

After you installed Kombustor, you have only to press the “K” button in AfterBurner, and immediately the 3D test will start. The computer will be stressed, and you can see how much stress it supports if you can play the game in high resolutions.

MSI Kombustor has a straightforward interface and mechanically displays device ID, primary graphics card, temperature among others once booting.
The 3D test out there for you to run mainly: Fractal Frame, Wavy Plane, and Triangle. Allows one to grasp the average frames per second when running the assay. This is a toolkit with comprehensive testing procedures on a visible graphics card.

If you want, you can watch how the hardware and GPU take a look at threads run at the same time through the same application, which mechanically offers them an equal priority. Nonetheless, continue running the GPU check-in windowed mode, unless you’ve got a multi-GPU configuration. This is probably the most reliable way to put on work your GPU to identify the performances and compare with your friends if it is the case.

In conclusion, if you want to test your computer with a 3D advanced graphic, Kombustor from MSI is the best solution. The interface is simple, clean and it works very well to stress your pc or laptop. Just open the application, run the test and after a few minutes you will see the results.

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