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IntelBurnTest is an intuitive utility that allows you to evaluate your computer performance by taking tests that will push it to its limits. You can have a clear view of your computer CPU stability and peak levels, so you can be sure if, for example, a game or an application will run at full speed.

It is a reliable app which effortlessly does stability tests. You are provided with a small control; panel, and from this point on, you can use this one out. You can choose how many times the test should run and the desired stress level assigned to the test.

It is possible to choose between Custom, Standard, High, Very High and also Maximum. You can opt for a typical .log file for the results. The time of the testing procedure is in direct accordance with the performance of your PC, and this means that if you have an older PC, it may take a more extended period.

You are instantly provided with a feedback message presenting the stability potential of your computer`s CPU.

IntelBurnTest is a handy piece of kit, and you get some accurate results by using it out. It allows you a real-time error checking that can come in handy.

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