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September 28th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Split Byte is a file management application that will help you split and merge files and perform various more advanced tasks, such as finding the MD5 checksum, comparing files by hashes, and comparing them using various filters.

File management is crucial if you’re looking to organize and work with files of several sizes and types. For that, you’ll need a decent tool, which is the first thing that will get you going with file management.

Merge or Split Files

This tool helps you with two main tasks: merging and splitting files. To get started with splitting files, you need to define the output folder. Then, Split Byte will start splitting files into several smaller parts, which you can specify – it can be defined with kilo, mega, or gigabytes.

Other tools for splitting files include setting the output name pattern, encrypting data, compressing the files into ZIPs, and keeping the timestamps. You can delete source files if you don’t need them afterward and open new files when you’re done.

The other important task this tool helps you with is merging files. Before you join them together, you only need to define the first volume of the file, and then the tool will automatically detect the rest. It is nice because it’s quite quick to get you started.

There are also other tools for merging, such as changing the output file name, specifying the parts to merge, keeping the timestamps, and other tasks.

Advanced Tools

Split Byte offers you more advanced tools for managing your files besides those two crucial tasks. One of them is comparing files with hashes.

More specifically, using MD5 hashes, which will help you find out whether two files are identical or not.

The program will automatically detect the checksums to compare files.

Intuitive Interface

Once you download the installer and get started with installation, you’ll be guided through the process, which is quite simple. You will need the .NET Framework to complete the installation.

When you start using this tool, there are three main parts of the interface. The first part is meant for splitting files, while the other two are made to join and compare them.

It’s a fairly simple interface, which means it’s quite user-friendly, too.


Split Byte is a file management tool that allows you to split files by number and size, compress them into ZIP files, compare them by hash, and easily find the MD5 checksums.

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