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Krita is a free-to-use drawing and illustration software that will offer you a plethora of tools and choices to create compelling drawings and illustrations.

The world of digital drawing is expanding every year because of the need to have this type of art created for the digital world. More and more artists are spending more time with digital art, while illustrators are also using drawing tools to create various works of art.

Photoshop has long been deemed the best software piece, but some great competitors are arising.

One of them is Krita, which is a free-to-use drawing and illustrating software. It’s great for creating amazing drawings, illustrations, comic books, concept art, paintings, and game art. It offers you a wide spectrum of drawing tools that you’ll find useful for creating desirable and very diverse pieces of art.

Modern and Feature-Packed

It is free to use, although you will need a decent computer to sustain the application and enable smooth and satisfying usage. Overall, it’s very similar to other drawing tools in design, although it does veer off slightly in some important aspects.

Firstly, the interface is quite modern-looking. It is neatly organized and simple to look at once you know all the tools and what they do.

However, if you’re starting with this app, it might be a bit difficult at first. That’s because there are so many tools to use and learn that you might feel overwhelmed initially.

Powerful Brushes and Other Tools

But once you get used to the tools, you’ll find Krita amazing. Arguably the best piece about this drawing tool is its brushes. It uses a great variety of brushes –even close to what Photoshop offers.

You get support for CMYK and HDR painting, perspective grids, dockers, and one of the most diverse sets of brushes around.


Overall, Krita is a fantastic drawing tool to use. It’s free to use, and it comes with some amazing options for tools and brushes.

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1 year ago

Actually, it is a very good app.