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If you are looking for a freeware program that you can use to edit some of your photos quickly, look no further than HeliosPaint.

The program, written in Java, is very small and efficient. It consumes few system resources, but its size does not mean it has just a few options.

A Powerful Freeware Photo Editing Tool

In fact, you get many useful tools and features after you install this program. We will explain a few of them here, but there are many more. The program comes with a pencil that you can use to edit the pixels in an image.

Pixel-Level Precision: Unleashing the Potential

Pixel-based editing is difficult and time-consuming, but you can achieve amazing results. Work at the pixel level to correct a few small things. To draglines, you have the freehand and straight-line tools.

You can change the thickness of the line and even make it a dashed line. The head of the Paint Brush tool can be adjusted in size.

If you want to create shapes, you can do so using the Shape tool. Polygons, stars, hearts, moons, and even freehand shapes – everything can be created in this program. You even get a Paint Can tool that has color bleed sensitivity.

Versatility Beyond the Basics: Advanced Editing and Special Effects

You can adjust the properties of your images: change the gamma and contrast, change the HSB and RGB settings, invert the image, gray the image, or apply a color filter. Edge detection is supported, and you can add oil painting effects or emboss parts of the image. Of course, you can easily blur or sharpen parts of the image.

If you need to add text to the image, use the Text Tool. You can choose the text’s rotation, font size, font family, and underline style. You can easily flip images or scale them up to down. In addition, the tools can easily rotate or shear your images.

You can use the Lasso, Wand, and Scissors tools to select and move or delete specific photo parts precisely.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of these tools so that you only select what you need. If something is selected, edits are applied only to that specific photo region.


We were thrilled that HeliosPaint can save images as transparent GIFs or PNG images, which are great for the web. In our opinion, this Java utility is better than Paint.NET in terms of usability. Even a novice user can edit his photos in no time using this program.

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