Avant Browser 2016 Build 10
Date added: September, 23rd 2016 - (Freeware)
Avant Browser is a fast, reliable and user-friendly web browser, designed to constantly improve browsing experience through frequent updates. It integrates a download multi-threaded accelerator and manager in ...
Google Chrome 54.0.2840.59
Date added: October, 13th 2016 - (Freeware)
Chrome enjoys a growing number of users thanks to a vast library of add-ons and extensions. Updates are performed in the background, so no annoying interfering into the ...
Date added: August, 29th 2013 - (Freeware)
CoolNovo works on chromium kernel to provide a safe browsing experience. Sandboxing is used too so that users are protected from suspicious sites. Privacy features make sure you ...
Firefox 49.0.1
Date added: September, 26th 2016 - (Freeware)
Firefox is a top web browser adding over 10,000 extensions to a customizable easy-to-use interface. Known to act hard on system resources, recent updates have tackled just that ...
Internet Explorer
Date added: June, 12th 2014 - (Freeware)
Internet Explorer integrates an entire library of browsing accelerators, helping users find content on the internet with the Search Suggestions option, a small search box providing answers according ...
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Lunascape 6.14.1
Date added: September, 21st 2016 - (Freeware)
Lunascape works on the rendering engines of Firefox, Chrome and IE, between which you can change according to needs. This feature comes in handy if a site doesn’t ...
Date added: October, 11th 2016 - (Freeware)
Maxthon Cloud Browser makes it easy and fast to sync personal data between devices and operating systems. This is how it creates a different browsing experience for PC ...
Date added: December, 2nd 2014 - (Freeware)
Opera is a competitive web browser, covering the basics with mouse gestures, tabbed interface, bookmarking, customization, drag-and-drop functions and Speed Dial. Under a polished and easy-to-use interface is ...
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Safari 5.1.7
Date added: May, 10th 2013 - (Freeware)
Safari takes pride in a unified search field that automatically fills in the entire URL based on the browser’s history. The tab view makes it easy to work ...
SeaMonkey 2.40
Date added: March, 15th 2016 - (Freeware)
SeaMonkey is a free web browser that is part of a community project intending to develop an all-in-one internet application. It integrates sync features, tabbed browsing, session restore ...
SlimBrowser 8.00.001
Date added: June, 8th 2016 - (Freeware)
SlimBrowser is an award-winning free web browser that helps users easily navigate the Internet at an increased speed and under full protection. It has some great features ...