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Safari takes pride in a unified search field that automatically fills in the entire URL based on the browser’s history. The tab view makes it easy to work with multiple tabs simultaneously, switching from one to another with a simple left or right drag and tap.

iCloud tabs can be shared on all devices, so there would be no need to search for a specific website again. On the other hand, the private browsing option ensures that the content won’t be visible on other devices.

Social media facilities are integrated into the interface. One simple share button does it all, no matter the sharing platform. The Nitro JavaScript engine takes advantage of all available processor cores.

CSS rendering and 2D graphics load faster, while scrolling is smoother. HTML5 media synchronization and graphic effects are also available.

Safari features and benefits:
  • Closed captions for HTML5 video
  • Custom style sheets
  • Enhanced keyboard navigation
  • Next-generation standards support
  • HTML5 AJAX history
  • Advanced page caching
  • HTML5 draggable attribute
  • Full screen for HTML5 video
  • Location services preferences
  • HTML5 offline support

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Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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