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BriskBard is one of the applications that can provide you with all the online utilities just a click away. You can check your emails or browse a video online quickly with a few clicks.

It has various tabs that provide the required ease of handling all your necessary data, whether emails or RSS feeds. Some of the functions you can perform with this application include transferring files, checking emails, managing personal messages, and providing a media player and newsgroup reader.

You can customize the interface of your application by assigning a color to each icon. You don’t need to be very selective about remembering colors, as specific icons can help provide you access to the required features.

One of the best features of BriskBard is to transfer data and files to anyone within a few seconds. Using this application, you can easily control your bookmarks and handle downloads and uploads.

You can create folders, open them, delete them, and manage them depending on your needs and choices. All of this doesn’t require much of your effort.

You can manage your subscriptions related to newsgroups and handle all your messages, whether IMs or emails.

BriskBard provides a full medium to get all the online facilities without a problem.

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