HDD Tools

Auslogics Disk Defrag
Date added: December, 27th 2017 - (Freeware)
Auslogics Disk Defrag continues to be a reliable and richly featured defragmenter for your everyday use. Starting with defragmenting files and free space, individual folders or just a ...
CheckDiskGUI 1.2.0
Date added: February, 2nd 2014 - (Freeware)
CheckDiskGUI goes by this name because it represents the Graphical User Interface of the command line software chkdsk.exe, which is one of the best tools to check and ...
CrystalDiskInfo 7.5.1
Date added: January, 2nd 2018 - (Freeware)
CrystalDiskInfo was developed to meet the requirements of hardware enthusiasts around the world. The developer created a tool that tells you almost everything there is to know about ...
Defraggler 2.21.993
Date added: March, 16th 2016 - (Freeware)
Defraggler is what you expect form a tool of its kind. Featuring full or quick defragmentation and file or folder defragmentation, this app acts smart with every file ...
Fat32Formatter 1.1
Date added: February, 16th 2012 - (Freeware)
Fat32Formatter cancels the restrictions in Windows that don’t allow drives formatting to Fat32. So, with this program you will be able to format any drive to Fat32, even ...
Date added: December, 6th 2016 - (Freeware)
SpaceSniffer is a utility to help users understand how their files and folders are structured on the hard disk. You can quickly visualize where large files and ...
Date added: March, 28th 2016 - (Freeware)
UltraDefrag is designed to defragment FAT and NTFS drives, including registry hives and paging file. Said to provide good speeds and reliability, this HDD tool features an optimization ...
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Date added: August, 26th 2017 - (Freeware)
WinContig is a free defragmentation tool that doesn’t need installation, thus working as a standalone executable. It was developed with one thing in mind: the possibility to defragment ...