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SymMover is a relatively simple piece of software. It will help you move folders when you want to from one drive to another drive without losing the key components and without breaking the applications you have installed inside the folder.

It is built for moving entire folders no matter their size, but it’s also good for moving individual files.

Move Folders, Software, and Games to Other Drives

This application’s main goal is to help you move folders, software, and games to other drives without breaking these software pieces. It ensures you don’t make these files corrupt as you move them to different folders, and you’ll be able to run the software just as you were previously without losing the integrity of the files.

SymMover works so that it creates a link between the folders you choose for moving. Windows will then be able to point in the right direction when you want to run the application you’ve just moved, so you won’t experience any potential problems with the software you move.

Clean Interface

SymMover is also quite easy to run, even if you don’t have too much experience doing this. The interface is a clean one and quite simple, again. You can start migrating your files by clicking the prompt button.

Then, a dialog box will prompt you to select the files or folders you want to move.

The great thing is that you’ll get a list of installed applications and software on your computer. You’ll be able to choose the application you want to move and do so quickly and painlessly.

You’ll then have to select the output folder, which you can easily do, provided you have enough space on the target location. This entire process is easy and painless.


SymMover is a simple and intuitive tool that will help you move folders to other locations on your computer without losing the integrity of the files you move.

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