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Date added: February, 16th 2012 - (Freeware)
AIM needs no presentation as it runs along since 1997 and it is still over many similar instant messaging solutions. So, after sign up and sign in you ...
Camfrog Video Chat 6.19 Build 658
Date added: January, 24th 2018 - (Freeware)
Camfrog Video Chat transforms high quality video streams into an everyday commodity. Clarity and smoothness have indeed become a standard in this case. And the good thing is ...
Digsby build 30295
Date added: June, 13th 2012 - (Freeware)
Digsby establishes itself as a meeting place for friends from all over the internet, including those on AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Google or Facebook. In terms of features, ...
Ekiga 4.0.1
Date added: February, 23rd 2013 - (Open Source)
Ekiga or Gnome Meeting works as an Open Source soft-phone, video conferencing tool and instant messenger on VoIP technology. With interoperability and HD sound quality, this chat client ...
eM Client 7.1.32088.0
Date added: January, 27th 2018 - (Trial)
eM Client offers full integration of the main e-mail services now in use (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail), having the power to import all your data from old accounts. A ...
Facebook Messenger 2.1.4814.0
Date added: April, 1st 2012 - (Freeware)
Facebook Messenger is an extension of the Facebook usual chat service delivered for years now with no issues whatsoever. The idea was to allow users take their friends ...
Firefly Softphone 3.0.2 Build 4776
Date added: January, 22nd 2012 - (Freeware)
Firefly is a so-called softphone developed by Freshtel with the purpose of offering cheap VoIP calls from one country to another. While fast and small, running low on ...
ICQ 10.0 Build 12277
Date added: December, 17th 2017 - (Freeware)
ICQ integrates into a new outstanding designed user interface features that cover the basics in any instant messaging tool. The program comes with high definition free video calls ...
IncrediMail 5.86
Date added: September, 14th 2009 - (Freeware)
IncrediMail takes the fun and puts it into mail. Or, at least, it tries to by allowing users add their personal photos as backgrounds for an e-mail or ...
MailWasher 7.7.0
Date added: November, 17th 2015 - (Freeware)
MailWasher recommends itself as an anti-spam solution. Accepting most of the general e-mail servers now in use, this client brings under a modern UI some basic features, such ...
Miranda IM 0.10.76
Date added: December, 5th 2017 - (Open Source)
Miranda IM is a multi protocol Open Source messenger client that embeds into a simple user interface some advanced features for which you don’t have to pay a ...
mIRC 7.41
Date added: March, 2nd 2015 - (Trial)
mIRC has grown as one of the most used communication platforms after thousand of organizations and millions of people have turn to it as the daily social and ...
Mumble 1.2.19
Date added: February, 10th 2017 - (Open Source)
Mumble is the chat client designed for gamers that need over the clock communication with their teams. While Open Source and running on low latency, this chat client ...
Nimbuzz 2.9.5
Date added: January, 11th 2017 - (Freeware)
Nimbuzz is yet another free messaging client delivered to you by some communication enthusiast who though cheaper is better. We say cheaper because this chat client can also ...
Nymgo 5.5.47
Date added: June, 23rd 2016 - (Freeware)
Nymgo is a free VoIP service aimed at young people who enjoy having a cheap small talk over the internet. The prices of popular calling destinations to mobiles ...
ooVoo 7.0.4
Date added: August, 7th 2017 - (Freeware)
ooVoo addressed the web, the desktop and mobiles as a video chat client coming from the future. It allows up to 12 simultaneously free video calls to your ...
Palringo 2.8.1
Date added: April, 18th 2013 - (Freeware)
Palringo is a free app for group chat that works both for mobile and PC. Whereas you get to stay in touch with old friends, this social app ...
Pegasus Mail 4.71
Date added: January, 13th 2016 - (Freeware)
Pegasus Mail is one of the oldest e-mail clients still alive and used by a constant number of users. Suitable for a single or for multiple users, this ...
Pidgin 2.12.0
Date added: March, 10th 2017 - (Open Source)
Pidgin benefits from the feedback of millions, being one free chat client that brings all the others together in a single place. Whether on AIM, MSN or Yahoo, ...
Postbox 5.0.22
Date added: December, 10th 2017 - (Trial)
Postbox establishes new standards for the e-mail client industry. Free, safe and easy to use, this one remains clean and sleek while fully-featured and under constant update. The ...
Date added: October, 31st 2017 - (Freeware)
Skype is all about sharing ideas and feeling, a chat client intended to cover communication from all perspectives. Call, see, text and hear your friends or colleagues with ...
Date added: December, 7th 2014 - (Freeware)
Spamihilator positions itself between your e-mail client and the internet for the purpose of examining all incoming messages and blocking spam. Running on several procedures that have proven ...
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Sylpheed 3.7.0
Date added: January, 31st 2018 - (Open Source)
Sylpheed is an e-mail client thought to create a complete connectivity experience through a simple yet reliable interface. As GNU software, this app integrates quite a big number ...
Date added: June, 2nd 2017 - (Freeware)
TeamTalk is a conferencing system developed by a software consultancy company experienced in customer support and social talking related technology. The conferencing system we talk about here permits ...
The Bat! Home Edition 8.2.4
Date added: January, 23rd 2018 - (Trial)
The Bat! Home Edition covers the basics of an e-mail client, providing what most common users demand from such a software. Anyway, it seems to offer good protection ...
Thunderbird 52.6.0
Date added: January, 26th 2018 - (Freeware)
Thunderbird needs no presentation indeed but only a quick review on its recent improvements. One of the least complicated e-mail client to be created, this app gives you ...
Trillian 6.1 Build 11
Date added: November, 16th 2017 - (Freeware)
Trillian is the new comer in chat technology that turns things on end and brings modernity up to another level. And we say that because the sleek user ...
Date added: February, 8th 2018 - (Freeware)
Viber is a well-known VoIP service provider and software doing mostly what other similar products do except for the fact that is free and brings a little bit ...
WhatsApp for PC
Date added: January, 27th 2018 - (Freeware)
WhatsApp for PC allows you to keep in touch with your friends and family from anywhere. You can install it on your home or work computer and ...
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Windows Live Mail 2012 16.4.3522.0110
Date added: February, 20th 2014 - (Freeware)
Windows Live Mail brings together several mail related functions every internet depended is in need of. Able to manage multiple mail accounts, calendars and contacts even if not ...
XChat 2.8.9
Date added: August, 28th 2010 - (Freeware)
XChat provides support for multiple chat rooms or IRC channels. As a free multi-platform chat client, things could have been better, as other similar programs deliver better quality ...
Yahoo! Messenger 0.8.231
Date added: January, 11th 2017 - (Freeware)
Yahoo! Messenger certainly needs no presentation as it remains one of the most used chat client that comes for free except for a few ads that may interfere ...
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