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Viber is a neat application for making phone calls and sending text messages using WiFi or your mobile data; this is the application’s desktop version.

It has millions of users worldwide, offering the ability to send text messages and call other people using your WiFi or mobile data.

Cross-platform and incredibly fast to install and use, this VoIP client recommends itself as one of the most used calling services in the world.

Send Messages, Manage Calls

This desktop version of the application comes with all the bells and whistles that you’d come to expect from Viber.

You’ll have the basic options of sending text messages, making calls, and receiving them. That can be handled only by using your wireless connection or mobile data.

What is more, the app will also enable you to import contacts and data from your phone and other accounts that you might have.

You’ll be able to sync messages and calls with your phone and your desktop, as well. Moreover, you’ll be able to enable notifications, giving you easier access to the latest news from Viber.

Comfortable to Use

It also receives additional bonus points thanks to its comfortable interface and familiar type of use. When you use this application, you can expect it to be just the same as the mobile app.

The main interface will look familiar, especially if you have used the mobile version. It is great since you don’t need much time to get up and running.

You’ll install this application by confirming that you are installing it.

You’ll do that by entering a special code that you’ll receive on your phone, which you’ll then enter into the interface of this application.


Viber is a popular app for communicating with other people, and for good reasons. Its intuitive interface enables users to make calls and send messages easily.

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