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Date added: February 26th, 2024 - (Free)

If you’re looking for a universal instant chatting tool, Pidgin might be right, offering you the option of using various chatting protocols such as AIM, […]

Date added: February 5th, 2023 - (Free)

It is a social media application that provides video calling and instant messaging features to connect them to friends and family without geographical constraints. Imo […]

Date added: September 25th, 2018 - (Free)

ooVoo addressed the web, the desktop and mobiles as a video chat client coming from the future. It allows up to 12 simultaneously free video […]

Date added: February 25th, 2019 - (Free)

Yahoo! Messenger certainly needs no presentation as it remains one of the most used chat client that comes for free except for a few ads […]

Date added: July 18th, 2024 - (Free)

Signal Desktop is a chatting application that will help you send text messages to your friends and communicate in other ways, such as sending or […]

Date added: February 10th, 2024 - (Free)

HexChat can be an easy-to-use tool that will support multiple connections, which means it can chat with users worldwide. It will use the Internet Relay […]

Date added: September 15th, 2022 - (Free)

If you want to chat with people from all over the internet, you have a lot of solutions, and this ZamTalk Messenger is one of […]

Date added: June 15th, 2023 - (Free)

Webcamoid helps you control several webcams simultaneously and take pictures, record videos, apply visual effects, and capture desktop content, making it the ultimate versatile webcam […]

Date added: May 27th, 2024 - (Free)

Altus is a tool that allows you to improve the look of WhatsApp messenger on your PC. It supports multiple accounts and various themes. It […]

Date added: July 11th, 2024 - (Trial)

eM Client offers full integration of the main e-mail services now in use (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail), having the power to import all your data from […]

Date added: December 18th, 2022 - (Free)

Ekiga or Gnome Meeting works as an Open Source softphone, video conferencing tool, and instant messenger on VoIP technology. With interoperability and HD sound quality, […]

Date added: July 22nd, 2024 - (Free)

Slack is a team organization tool that will help you communicate with your coworkers, collaborate with them or your team on important projects, and manage […]

Date added: April 1st, 2023 - (Free)

Spark is a messaging application developed on Java, providing users with new means of communication and keeping in touch with one another. It is highly […]

Date added: March 8th, 2022 - (Free)

qTox is a safe and easy to use instant messaging tool that will put primary focus on the security of use, as it uses the […]

Date added: May 20th, 2024 - (Free)

Mumble is the chat client designed for gamers that need over the clock communication with their teams. While Open Source and running on low latency, […]