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Whale is an Internet browser with original features you cannot find in traditional browsers. It is also different from other web browsers because of its smooth, catchy design.

Browsing the internet is one of the favorite pastimes for many people around the world. It can provide great satisfaction, especially when you use the right browser. And there are many browsers that you can use nowadays, and they all have their field of focus and where they differ from others.

One of the ones you can try is Whale, a relatively new browser that focuses on greater visibility and working area, allowing you to view several tabs simultaneously.

It also features an eye-catching design with modern looks, making it easy to browse even if you’re a beginner.

Features Packed

It has more going for itself than just multiple-tab viewing, though. First, we should mention the look and the browser’s interface.

We could say that it uses many elements that make some other browsers so popular. However, it emphasizes staying as modern as possible, which it does by simultaneously making it as simple as possible.

The focus with Whale is on productivity. Namely, it will give you more space to do your work, as you’ll be able to open several tabs and view them simultaneously.

It can save space and time you would need to switch from tab to tab. There’s also a built-in media player, calculator, and countdown timer, to name a few features.

Additional Functions

Among the additional functions, we should mention the hideable sidebar you can hide or open as you see fit and the screenshot-taking tool.

There’s also the functionality to sync your browser contents here.


Whale is a great browser that you can use to increase your productivity and try some cool features simultaneously.

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