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If piano your favorite instrument, then you might want to learn it. If this is so, then using Synthesia can be the right way to start your learning.

It allows you to follow your speed before moving on to the next note. It does not play the next melody unless you are done with the previous one. It can help you in learning at your own pace. Additionally, you can enable music notation for any of the songs that you have chosen to play. In case you don’t want these notations, you also have the facility to disable them.

For beginners, using both hands on the piano simultaneously is often a difficult task. So you can practice the piano with ease. You can create up to 150 songs that are provided in the application. Apart from these songs, other songs from the music store or MIDI file version can also be played on the piano.

Synthesia also provides you with feedback on your practice. So, you can know how you play and store these results can give you a long-term picture of your progress. To help you learn piano efficiently, it ensures that you can get the hints about the best finger to be used for a particular melody. Additionally, lighted keyboard support allows you to find the problematic notes without facing any problems.

The use is simple, and it won’t require any expertise in managing the application. Additionally, it is available in several languages, which helps users benefit from this application in the best possible way.

Synthesia is a useful application for piano learners. It can help them learn piano at their own pace and provide them with all the support necessary to speed up and ease the learning process.

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