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RetroShare is an Open Source platform that allows users to securely chat and share files, through a web-of-trust authentication of peers and OpenSSL that encrypts all communication. Besides sharing files and chatting, this software provides different forums and channels for users to start discussions on. The software was thought in a way that would allow users to share files and information but still keep them secure and let them choose who and when accesses those files.

RetroShare is a decentralized social sharing network, especially designed so that it has no dependencies on any other system or server. This mean there is no authority to ever remove users’ content or messages. Most content used by this software will be locally cached so that users can access it at any time, without problems.

The network will manage the information from the users and their friends, creating solid social connections based on the messages and the files that have been shared.

RetroShare features and benefits:
  • multiple downloads/uploads at the same time
  • instant messaging
  • access to forums and channels
  • voice over IP
  • group-chat
  • Open SSL Encryption
  • various plugins
  • video and voice over IP

Technical details

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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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