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MEGAsync is an application which has the mission to connect your computer with cloud servers and your MEGA account. It’s helpful software because you will be able to upload and download files directly on your computer with a high synchronization. It ss very simple to work with MEGAsync, firstly you have to create a MEGA account, and after that, you have to set up your cloud drive. With cloud drive selected, you will choose a local source folder to establish a communication between servers and your local computer.

After you’ve done this steps, the things are intuitive and straightforward, move files or folders in the local folder, and the upload will be made in few seconds, depends on files size.

It is all the more advantageous since the synchronization is programmed, implying that any document added to the source organizer is immediately duplicated to the cloud.

Because you want to have a perfect order in your cloud, create specific directories with specific names. MEGA permit you to do it, sort the information from directories for good order.

An essential feature of this application is that keeps running out of sight. You can access MEGAsync’s interface without problems and there you will be able to view the latest updates and in addition to seeing the information about your cloud storage.

You have to know that your cloud account supports up to 50GB. It is essential storage, and you can move a lot of documents, images or whatever you need there.

MEGAsync empowers at the same time and without problems, to download or make upload in few seconds. The processes can be done simultaneous, this only about your network speed, you have to permit to MEGAsync to use the entire bandwidth or how much it’s needed.

MEGAsync can synchronize the records between a PC, Android and iOS gadgets and the MEGA distributed storage. The application enables you to see the measure of utilized storage, design the synchronization alternatives and point of confinement the transfer speed. MEGAsync gives dependable insurance of records, which is accomplished through the information encryption, so, your data will be kept in safe.

The sync is always updating in the background; you will have a process in the background which still detect new files in your local folder for a possible upload to cloud. If you have problems with an internet connection or with your PC performances, pause or suspend the sync activity whenever you want.

If you want to see how free storage you have, go to account TAB where you will find all the information about the MEGA account. You can customize this account by creating new folders, giving further permission to different people, modify the bandwidth and more. Also, you can make a selection with what folders to be uploaded firstly into the cloud.

It’s pretty simple to work with MEGAsync, and it’s so useful because you can save local space, your folders or files will be there even if your computer has some problems.

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