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September 24th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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Real Temp is an essential and portable software for monitoring the temperature, created especially for Intel processors, Dual Core, Single Core and Core i7.

The purpose of this software is simple. It monitors the processor’s temperature in helping to prevent the overheating, and it comes immediately and reduces the heat when it’s the case. The application can shut down the computer without asking you if there are some significant problems and the features for benchmarks are customizable.

It is a simple package that doesn’t need to be installed, so, no setup pack included; copy the files on your hard-drive and launch the app. Also, you have the solution to copy Real Tem on your USB Flash Memory. The Windows registry will be not modified while running and that offers you a good performance.

The interface isn’t unique, in the main window you will not find a lot of elements, just necessary information, texts, and numbers with live readings. You will have the current processor temperature and of course the difference from minimum to maximum value. All the information and temperatures are live; you will see in real time the numbers with thermal status.

You can control the performance of your CPU by testing the performance of sensors. You can “play’ until you find the best combination for using your CPU, increasing, decreasing the temperature, scores, speed or time. The calibration of your performance depends on your customized settings, increase the temperature, see how it’s working. Try all the possible combinations to find the best performing solution for your processor. If you don’t find something exciting or your computer isn’t working very well because of your modification, restore the settings to default.

All the processors have an advanced warm sensor (DTS) that reports temperature information concerning TJMax which is the sheltered greatest working center temperature for the CPU. As your CPU warms up, your Distance to TJMax will diminish.

On the off chance that it achieves zero, your processor will begin to warm throttle or back off so boosting your separation far from it, will enable your PC to keep running at full speed and all the more dependable as well.

Using Real Temp, you will be able to calibrate the ream temperature for each core of your CPU; you can keep very accurate the benchmark. You will be able to read temperature information from all Intel Core processors. This software relies on temperature data gathered which are using 62 IR Thermometer, a very accurate one. On display, you will have calibration settings and indicators like CPUID, APIC ID, TJMax, or MHz.

You can read it so simple and modify whenever you need to increase the performance of your computer.

When the temperature is high, the alarm will be activated, and the computer will shut down to prevent an overheating.

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