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January 5th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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If you need to improve your reading speed, you can struggle alone. It isn’t easy and time-consuming to do things yourself. You need help, but where can you find it? The people at Saint Louis University have developed a program that helps you accelerate your reading speed by sequentially presenting word groups. It’s called a tachistoscope (or rapid-viewer) application that is helpful.

Reading Acceleration Machine works via hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts), and its interface is minimalist. However, the UI is clean, and even novice PC users would not have any difficulties learning how to use this program. Let’s take a closer look at what it can do.

You can use the program to learn vocabulary, view text files (it allows you to choose the file), sequentially proofread large files, and even memorize texts by repeating them repeatedly.

You can change the speed at which the word groups are displayed, so don’t worry if the default speed is too fast for you. Language learners can learn to read and understand lexical phrases by seeing them repeatedly on their computer screens.

The software also helps people become faster readers. The program can read and display text from plain text files (not Microsoft Word). If the documents contain lines separated by carriage returns, the software can display the lines randomly or in looping sections.

Controlling the program is relatively simple. You use a set of customizable keyboard shortcuts. Buttons and menu items are also present. You can hide the control panel and change the font color, the font family, and even the window color. People with eye problems can customize the size and colors of the text for perfect reading.

The Reading Acceleration Machine (RAM) is a free program that can help people memorize texts, increase their reading speed, and learn a language through repetition. It’s a small tool that is pretty basic.

It does not have the advanced features of Memorize Anything and ByKi, but it’s not designed to help you learn languages from zero. It is a simple program that displays lines of text randomly or sequentially to help you read and memorize them faster.

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