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PicPick is a comprehensive editing tool for creating screenshots, edit them, and customize them using a wide variety of editing tools inside the interface.

If you need to take screenshots daily or even more regularly, using the Windows built-in screenshotting tool might not be the best option. While it does feature some nice tools, you won’t have the editing tools at your disposal very easily, which is why many people turn towards third-party apps instead.

One of the best ones is PicPick. It is an application dedicated to taking screenshots and editing them, as it features a nice palette of options for editing the screenshots.

It allows you to customize how you take screenshots, where you save them, and how they look in a bit more detail.

Take and Edit Screenshots

The first thing you’ll notice with this application is that it will look very similar to Paint in Windows. In essence, it will offer some very similar tools, but it is also more comprehensive in some aspects of use, especially when it comes to editing tools.

To take screenshots, you’ll first want to assign the hotkey for handling them. You can choose which button will perform the screenshot-taking capability, making it easy for you to take it instantly.

You can also choose whether you want to capture the entire screen or just a portion of it – it’s completely up to you.

Customize the App

It is also great when it comes to tailoring the whole experience to your needs. You’ll be able to change several aspects in the Configurations panel, such as where you’ll save files, how you’ll name them, and the hotkeys that you’ll use to take screenshots.

You can also choose the autosave function if you want and several other tools with such a tool.


PicPick is a comprehensive screenshot-taking tool that enables you to take screenshots and then edit them with ease, as it comes with a wide variety of editing tools that you can choose from.

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