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Date added: March 5th, 2020 - (Free)
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If you want to run certain applications of your computer in a specific locale, then you can use Locale Emulator. You can download it easily for making it work properly.

Once installed, it starts working instantly, so you do not have to expect time lags while using this application. You can configure most of the settings of this application. Some of the settings that can be altered include setting specific time or a particular location, creating a fake registry and UI language for you, along with the provision of opportunity to run programs with more benefits as they would have been received without this application.

One of the problems with this tool is that it might not work with some of the applications. However, there is a hack available in this application to fix this problem. You can create a new user account and shift the locales to the new user account for getting it to work correctly.

If you are willing to play games or manage the applications that require specific locates, then Locale Emulator can work decently for you.

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