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February 26th, 2024 - Free - 100% Safe
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USB Drive Letter Manager allows you to perform the simple task of changing the letter of your USB drive, which gives you more freedom to manage your USB as you enter it inside your computer.

In essence, USBDLM is a fairly simple application at its core.

It will allow you to change the letter of your USB drive without administrator rights, so you don’t have to have your USB assigned to just one letter automatically, which happens when you insert the USB inside your computer for the first time.

Changes the Letter of your USB Drive

When you first use the USB drive on your computer, you’ll see that the automatic tendency of Windows or your operating system is to assign your new drive to the first available letter.

You can still change the letter of your drive later on in the Control Panel, but that process can take time.

USB Drive Letter Manager lets you do that in just a matter of seconds, and at the same moment, you insert the USB drive into your PC.

This way, you will save a lot of time and effort that you’d otherwise need to expend to perform the same task in Windows. It’s a really simple process that can help you a lot.

Other Functions

You should know that the app comes with a minimal interface – instead, you’ll find most of the changes you can apply to your drive inside the .ini file, where you’ll be able to tailor some settings according to your preferences.

Also, you’ll be able to retain some letters that cannot be further distributed to other drives, for instance.

You can also hide or remove some drives and gather additional information about the drives you have. In addition, the app also works with other types of drives, such as card readers.


USB Drive Letter Manager is a simple app that will help you manage the letters of your USB drive and other automatic tasks that come with it.

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