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With KeeWeb, you’ll be able to store and save your passwords and usernames for websites and other applications all in one place, as it uses the KeePass databases that you can update and change as you change your passwords.

When you need a safe place to store your passwords and your credentials, KeeWeb offers you a chance to do that. It’s an application where you can keep and save your credentials.

You may enter and organize various passwords and credentials in a neat interface. It will also develop password suggestions and organizational tools to keep them safe.

Store and Save Your Passwords

This utility will go through a fairly straightforward installation. If you’ve ever installed another app, then installing KeeWeb should be simple.

Using the app is incredibly easy, even if you don’t have that much experience with simple apps. That’s mainly thanks to the simple interface inside the app.

When you want to add passwords you want to save, it provides you with a safe platform for keeping your passes. Adding new entries is simple. You can add a new entry, name it, insert your password, and other information connected to the account you’ve just saved.

Of course, you’ll also need to set a master password to protect all passwords.

Organize and Generate Passwords

What is more, all of your passwords can be neatly organized inside so that you can find them instantly. You may sync your data from your Dropbox account if the passes are stored there.

If not, you can create new entries and organize them into categories, add hashtags and color tags, and make groups if that’s more relevant.

When you’re out of ideas, the app will provide a password generator, creating solid and safe passes you can use on your accounts.


KeeWeb is an intuitive application that helps you store and generate account passwords.

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