iCloud Control Panel 7.7 Build 27

Date added: October 9th, 2018 - (Free)
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iCloud Control Panel is a software developed by Apple for Windows that are also using an iPhone. this application allows you to take care of your photos, images or videos and other files from your Apple device directly on your Windows computer.

Let’s think you need to edit a photo or a video, but the only solution to download and move the video file to your computer is USB cable. Connect the cable to your device and computer, after that go to iCloud Control Panel and access the source for this video file. Just drag the video to your desktop and wait for the copying process.

You can make more than moving files from Apple device to computer, like synchronizig office documents, the contact numbers, cards or email addresses. You can work with them directly from your computer, and it’s pretty simple and comfortable.

This is a simple to install application, but you will need to have a device compatible with the iCloud service, and you’ll be required to have your registration information handy if you want to get this service up and running on Windows, for syncing the email addresses, contacts and cards, you need to have Microsoft Outlook installed. Indeed, you can synchronize with other applications, but Outlook is recommended to be a default software for this action.

To install this software you don’t need to be an experienced programmer, follow the instruction, you need 5GB space on your HDD, and all will be done in few seconds. After the installation is complete, you have to do few configurations for your device. iPhone has the option to updated and upload the photos or videos directly to iCloud. You must select the folders where to be uploaded, and you have the chance to choose what files to upload because maybe you don’t need to upload all video files, just photos.

For that, you will select only, and that’s all. Working with iCloud Control Panel is smooth and comfortable!

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Latest version:
7.7 Build 27
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155.75 MB
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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