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Zoolz is a handy cloud solution for storing your data, as it will provide you with additional storage space without having to use a hard drive, where you will be able to save your files on the cloud and access them anywhere.

If you have a lot of files or data on your computer, you know that sometimes, one of the main problems with a lot of files is limited disk space.

And if you don’t want to consider buying a new hard drive, then one of the additional solutions might be to consider the various cloud services that will help you store all of your data.

One such service is Zoolz, which will help you store your data and files on your cloud. With it, you will customize and select which files you save on the cloud storage and decide whether you want to save the files on the hard drive or the cloud.

Good for Backups

It might be used as a primary storage means, but you can also use it as an effective backup solution. If you want to create backups of your drive and store some files that you don’t want to lose, then using

This app can make a lot of sense, as you will save the backups on the cloud without using the space on your drive.

Customize and Select the Files to be Stored

You can be completely sure that the files you store on the cloud will be completely safe. All of the files that you store with Zoolz are encrypted, which will help you make sure that everything you use here will be safe.

To speed up the uploads, the tool uses multi-threaded uploads, which will speed up uploading and making it faster.

Depending on the sizes of the files you upload, the upload times will vary, but they tend to be quite fast.


Zoolz is a cloud solution that will enable you to store your files in a cloud.

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