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November 11th, 2020 - Trial - 100% Safe
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HideMy.name VPN is one of the VPN applications that can allow you to access geographically restricted content and hide the name while browsing online.

To initiate the application, you need to register and get a unique code to get the application running. To use it, you have to choose a server and wait for the connection to establish. If one of the connections is not established, you can cancel it and find the one that would be connected.

Suppose you are not sure about the speed of the internet connection you are getting using this VPN. You can even access the speed test for a particular location.

The data transferred through the application is 2048-bit SSL secured. Moreover, all the information you use, including the passwords and usernames, is encrypted, making access to the online servers secure.

You can find various IP addresses from a location as soon as you change the IP address from HideMy.name VPN, the other applications requiring IP addresses will change it automatically.

HideMy.name VPN can provide you with the data that has been restricted. Moreover, protection while browsing online and the encryption of passwords are the other features you can use.

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