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NetSpeedMonitor is a lightweight network monitoring toolbar for your Windows taskbar, controlling the current speed for uploading or downloading. Everyone likes to be connected to the internet because, thanks to it, there will be a lot of information to be discovered, ranging from news and informative articles to contacts, media content, and even games.

The connection can be subject to various unwanted events, and you may have some troubles, such as spikes and even slowdowns or random disconnects due to excessive bandwidth usage. It is essential to use a network monitoring tool such as this one. This tool will make it easy to keep an eye on your connection.

NetSpeedMonitor can run silently in the system tray until you decide to do various operations. It will always be visible and let you keep track of your download and upload speeds. You can install this tool in Compatibility Mode, which will make the app behave as it should.

Another thing you will like about this app is that the interface is simplistic and won`t strike you as stunning. The interface will pack up a bunch of controls, so if you want to use some advanced options when it comes to it, you should open it and create your own settings.

NetSpeedMonitor can be a useful application, and you will see that it is one of the best apps to keep an eye on your Internet connection. You will also manage to view your current upload and also download speed values.

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