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GoPro CineForm Studio is a professional editing suite that allows you to convert formats of your video to AVI or MOV, apply certain effects, change the videos, and save them.

GoPro is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the world. It allows you to create first-person footage of all types, but most notably, the action footage that attracts viewers’ attention. But sometimes, the footage you make is raw, and it will need some editing – but there is dedicated software to help you.

It is made for both beginners and experts, as it will enable you to create and edit videos, save them to different formats such as AVI or MOV, and apply effects to them. You’ll then be able to preview your work and apply the final changes as you save the files.

Convert to Different Formats

Perhaps the most notable feature of this application is the ability to transform the formats of your videos. If you’re not happy about how the videos are saved, this app will help you out.

Some of the most widely used output formats that come with this app include AVI and MOV, but the app can work with types like MP4, MOV, TS, RAW, DNG, and NEF.

There’s also the bulk-transforming function which will help you convert several videos you own to a particular file type of your choice.

Preview and Edit Clips

In addition to converting your files, GoPro CineForm Studio also comes with some neat editing tools. For example, you’ll be able to apply various effects to your videos and then preview them to see if you’re happy with the changes you’ve made.

You can also change the output details to make the videos completely tailored to your needs.

It will automatically import the GoPro media, and it will also playback your GoPro videos and view different photos you will make with this device.

Thanks to the Highlight Tags, it will be possible to quickly find your best clips for more convenient playback and editing.


GoPro CineForm Studio allows you to convert videos to different formats and then edit them by applying various effects so that the videos you create are completely yours.

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