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This application has a solution if you are looking for a subtitle-supported media player. You can expect the hardcoded subtitles of your media files to be easily managed through this application.

BakadoPlayer provides more space for hardcoded subtitles so that you can view each line prominently. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the subtitles getting over your movie area. This application can also manage this aspect, providing enough space to handle the two regions separately.

If you want your subtitles to be available in different languages while watching a movie, then BakadoPlayer can help you with it too. It will provide all the subtitles and arrange them neatly so that you can read everything and watch your video correctly.

You can even get your subtitles as a list, which can be navigated easily. Adding a caption is also possible through BakadoPlayer through the drag-and-drop feature of the application.

BakadoPlayer is a media player that allows you to manage your subtitles in the provided space easily. The management of space between different subtitles lines, the movie space, and the subtitles and languages of the subtitles is possible because of this application.

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