TSM2UHD 1.12

Date added: February 8th, 2019 - (Free)
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If you are looking to modify the structure of some of your TSMUXER BD files to be run on UHD BD players, then you must try TSM2UHD.

It creates changes in the original structure of the file so that it can be run on the UHD BD player without requiring any other application. You can also expect HECV file formats to be converted to Blue-ray disk structure through TSM2UHD. However, HECV created after the modification is not compatible to work with UHD player. Although this might seem a bit strange, it is designed that way, so you must have that in mind to avoid any problems.

The application helps in analyzing the output of SMUXER files. Through which the modifications and alteration required in the format are done by TSM2UHD so that it can work without any additional support.

TSM2UHD modifies the structure of TSMUXER files to make them compatible with UHD BD players.

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