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February 13th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Satsuki Decoder Pack decodes most audio and video files and works alongside other codec packs with no conflicts whatsoever. Free of spyware and adware, it associates itself with video, audio players, and files.

Problems may appear during the installation process because there are many options to choose from. Further configuration is needed to make it function properly. A silent install is possible too, but it will require some additional steps.

The result of one man’s work, the decoder pack features a control panel that is simple to use and doesn’t consume memory resources.

The idea behind this pack is not to use any codec but to rely on decoders and filters only. If you have problems with movie playback in general, you should give this decoder pack a try.

Satsuki Decoder Pack features and benefits:
  • Video player - Media Player Classic
  • MPEG4 Decoder - FFdshow
  • Real Media Decoder - Realmediasplitter , HFE2
  • Windows Media 7/8 Decoder (FFdshow)
  • MPEG2/DVD Decoder - Fraunhofer mpeg2 video/audio
  • VP6 Decoder - VP6dec
  • VP3 Decoder - VP3vfw
  • H264 Decoder - FFdshow
  • XVD Decoder - Audio, Video, splitter
  • VSFilter
  • AC3/DTS Decoder - FFdshow
  • AAC/AAC+ Decoder - CoreAAC
  • OGM Decoder - FFdshow, OggSplitter
  • MP2/MP3 - FFdshow
  • MPC Decoder - RLMPCdec
  • APE Decoder - RLAPEdec
  • OFR Decoder - RLOFRdec
  • Flac Decoder - FFdshow
  • AVI Decoder - AVIsplitter
  • MP4 Decoder - 3ivxSplitter
  • MKV Decoder - MkvSplitter
  • XCDA Decoder - XCDA Reader

Technical details

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27.95 MB
Supported OS
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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