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Would you like to be able to quickly back up a collection of large files and folders from your hard drive on a couple of DVDs? Or maybe you want to write your entire collection of movies on a dozen or so DVDs. Splitting all these files and folders would take much of your time.

It would also waste a lot of space on the DVDs because you could never fit everything on a few discs while writing the entire available space on each disc. That is why DVD Span is a great tool to have. It is also free. Let’s see how this program can help you.

Efficient DVD Data Backup

The software was designed to automatically divide large amounts of data quickly and effectively on several DVDs. It’s fast and reliable. We have not encountered any errors while testing it.

The application is portable, so you can put it on a flash drive and take it wherever you need. It takes just a few minutes to extract the tool, and it takes up only around 10 MB of disk space.

Inexperienced computer users will find its interface to be clean and straightforward. You cannot install any skins or themes to make the interface more pleasing to the eye, but you won’t probably need to do it anyway.

The drag and drop function is supported, so you can drop files onto the program’s main window to add them to the burning list.

User-Friendly and Versatile

The default DVD size is selected by default, but you can also specify other sizes. You can also create ISO images to back up entire drives locally. Remember that ISO files can burn their contents onto DVDs later.

The program arranges the files automatically so as not to waste any space on the DVDs. The groups of files are displayed on each DVD in one of the program’s panes so you can manually make adjustments.

You can reorder the files manually or specify that the files be ordered automatically by the program while keeping the top-level folders together.

Unfortunately, you cannot select the speed at which the program writes the data on the DVDs.


The DVD Span is excellent at splitting large amounts of data between several DVDs and then burning the discs’ data without errors. Unlike in Nero and ImgBurn, the interface is clean and straightforward.

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